There’s something for every audience at the LSI Conference.


• See leading-edge technology and understand all the ways it applies today
• Meet and collaborate with leaders from some of the fastest-growing markets in the world
• Showcase your capabilities and/or services to approximately 300+ companies (and up to 800 attendees) from across the country and NY State
• Interact with a vast variety of small and medium-sized manufacturers and supply chain participants

• Join some of the brightest minds pioneering the future
• Share ideas and get feedback from experts in your field
• Gain personal professional development of advanced technologies that are driving some of the fastest growing markets in the world

Industry Professionals
• Network with nationally recognized tech giants—including Microsoft and Google amongst others—to understand industry direction
• Be part of an affordable, accessible conference including Luminate —the world’s largest optics, photonics and imaging (OPI) business competition.

• Learn about the growth and investment in your area
• See what’s driving some of the fastest-growing markets around the world
• Understand the potential for light and sound-based technology

Finally, everyone can enjoy evenings filled with food and music from the CGI Rochester International Jazz Fest with hundreds of performances and thousands of attendees.