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Augmented and Virtual Reality

The dramatic progress to date in extended reality technologies notwithstanding, formidable challenges remain in creating technology that not only couples seamlessly with the human senses but is also matched to human cognitive and social abilities. The solutions to these challenges require integrating the expertise of scientists and engineers from a broad range of disciplines including optics, visual science, auditory science, cognitive science and social science.  We have assembled experts from these fields to explore the future of these transformative technologies through talks and panel discussions.  A session will also explore how AR/VR technology can enhance education.  For everyone from newcomers to advanced designers of AR/VR technology, the meeting will offer many hands-on demonstrations of the very latest technologies.


Topics Include:

  • Compact, lightweight, and high image quality optical solutions for extended reality imagery
  • Visual system constraints on AR/VR technology
  • State of the art eye tracking in AR/VR systems
  • Challenges in achieving effortless human/AI conversation
  • The impact of human social behavior on the design of AR/VR technology
  • Applications of AR/VR in education
  • Industry roundup – future-casting in Education, Gaming, Defense, Manufacturing and more

Track Leader:

  • David Williams, Ph.D., Dean for Research in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering, University of Rochester

Experienced Speakers

Hear inspiring talks in an intimate setting with the best minds in the field.


See interactive demonstrations of the latest AR/VR technologies, products and capabilities.

Track Venue

Sibley Square, 2nd Floor