[See what national and regional game developers have in store for the next five years.]
Games and Interactive Media

$181 billion by 2021. That’s what the video game market will be worth, according to Newzoo. More than the movie business. And Rochester, NY, has become a top 5 city for industry education and leading-edge development. In this track, you’ll see what kinds of immersive experiences are in store for the years ahead. You can check out the indie scene. Learn how game developers are leveling up the training and education space. Plus, catch a live esports showdown between college and professional gamers.

Catch the esports exhibition
Tuesday June 25 at 7 p.m.
Details coming soon!


Topics Include:

  • The current state and future of the games industry

  • Utilizing your region’s resources to help grow your local games industry

  • The timeline and scope of AAA game development

  • How collaborative efforts lead to new and innovative game experiences

Track Leaders:

  • Rob Mostyn, VP for Research, MAGIC Spell Studios at RIT
  • Chad Weeden, Assistant Director for the School of Interactive Games and Media & Esport Advisor, RIT

Experienced Speakers

Hear inspiring talks in an intimate setting with the best minds in the field.


See the latest interactive gaming tech and demonstrations for entertainment, education and training and military applications.

Track Venue

Sibley Square, 2nd Floor