[Explore the technical aspects of movie making.]

See, hear and feel the history and future of filmmaking in a place where it all began – George Eastman’s house and the historic Dryden Theatre. We’ll explore how today’s tech democratizes the process, from concepts to pre-visualization, capture to editing, and especially distribution. The world’s fascination with moving pictures is stronger than ever. Hear from the creators and innovators pioneering the next generation of moviemaking.


Topics Include:

  • Pre-visualization for all – learn how pre-viz simulation, formerly reserved for big-budget productions, is becoming accessible to filmmakers at all levels

  • Cinematographer secrets – hear how world-class cinematographers capture images that captivate audiences

  • Lens tech breakthroughs – a lineup of affordable new lenses give filmmakers more freedom

Track Leader:

  • Malcolm Spaull, Senior MAGIC Associate, School of Film and Animation, RIT

Experienced Speakers

Hear inspiring talks in an intimate setting with the best minds in the field.


See demos from some of today’s pioneering camera, lens, editing and SFX innovators.

Track Venue

The Dryden Theatre at the George Eastman Museum