[Explore everything from technical advances to theoretical applications to sonic visualization.]
Audio and Music

What you hear can help create your reality. That’s why sound is so important to films, concert recordings, AR/VR experiences and more. We’ll explore everything from the technical advances to theoretical applications to sonic visualization, led by a lineup of cutting-edge scientists, professors, audio engineers and artists.


Topics Include:

  • Audio and the Brain – creating realistic immersive experiences

  • Sonic Visualization – what sound looks like and why it matters

  • 360-Degree Audio – experience this breakthrough in recording technology

  • Dolby Atmos – object-based audio mixing and compatibility for all playback devices

  • AI Composition – Can a computer ever truly be a composer?

  • The MAGIC of Music – film and gaming scores: recording, editing and more

Track Leaders:

Experienced Speakers

Hear inspiring talks in an intimate setting with the best minds in the field.


Catch demos from world-class sound technology leaders and today’s newest audio entrepreneurs.

Track Venue

Eastman School of Music, Hatch Hall