Optics, Photonics and Imaging

This track is what Light & Sound Interactive is all about…and Rochester is the epicenter.

For more than a century, we’ve been innovating with lenses, photography, lasers and light. Today, this region boast more than 100 companies that develop products or technology in the optics, photonics and imaging space. That’s thousands of engineers focused on the future.

Presentation Lineup as of [date]
  • Printed Electronics
  • Integrated Photonics Sensors
  • Freeform Optics
  • Remote Sensing
  • Growing Optics Opportunities in Upstate NY
Track Leader  (Need official bio)
  • Terry Clas, Executive Director, Light & Sound Interactive Conference
Web Genius Lab
October 15, 2018
Wed, 25th 10 am-6 pm
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