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Sydor Optics, Inc.

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[Thursday, June 27]
10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
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Personal Information

Director of Engineering

Zachary (Zach) Hobbs received the Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology with a technical concentration in Manufacturing Management from Rochester Institute of Technology.

He is currently Director of Engineering at Sydor Optics, Inc. where he leverages over eighteen years of optical manufacturing and process development experience, as well as being a NYS certified journeyman toolmaker.  Zach is a “hands-on” leader with a reputation for exceptional customer focus and uncompromising integrity. Recognized throughout his career for his technical and process knowledge, he has consistently delivered on process development projects for IR and crystalline materials, optical manufacturing for VR/AR Projects and optical metrology development for flat optics.

He is a co-developer of the Slurry Reclamation System which was designed for increasing the internal collection efficiency of ceria particles to supplement the recycling of used polishing slurries.  This work was performed in conjunction with RIT NYSP2I and Galaxy Universal Systems.