Scott Miller, Ph.D.


Out of the Box: Flexible Hybrid Electronics

[Thursday, June 26]
11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Theme: Location: Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center

Personal Information

Out of the Box:  Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Scott Miller, Ph.D., is the Director of Strategic Programs at NextFlex, America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Manufacturing Institute. In this role he is responsible for the portfolio or technical projects funded by NextFlex, oversees technical projects within the Institute, builds and manages relationships with government and industry partners, and develops key initiatives. Prior to joining NextFlex, Scott led materials R&D groups at GE Global Research supporting healthcare, aviation, power, and oil & gas businesses. Scott was the Founding Board Chair of the Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium (NBMC). His relevant areas of technical focus have included printed, flexible, and hybrid electronics; wearable devices; additive manufacturing; and bioprinting and biofabrication.