Lisa Strama

President and CEO
The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

Location: Parcel 5

[Wednesday, June 26]
12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

Personal Information

President and CEO
The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) was formed 32 years ago by Presidential Executive Order, with a mission to build and strengthen U.S. manufacturing competitiveness. The organization has the strength of bringing together industry, government and academia through its integrated ecosystem to develop capabilities across technology readiness levels. This ecosystem spans from advanced manufacturing through sustainment and benefits the nation and its industrial base. NCMS has a proven track record for managing complex, multi-partner, cross-industry collaboration to drive manufacturing technology development, accelerated transition and deployment. This has resulted in over $1B in savings to the DoD, increased warfighter readiness, and expansion of the industrial base through advancement of transformational capabilities from small to medium sized companies.

Lisa Strama is President and CEO of NCMS, a leader in establishing and executing programs for increasing U.S. manufacturing global competitiveness through the acceleration of technology transfer. She brings extensive and diverse leadership experience spanning functional roles responsible for product delivery, sales, systems design and infrastructure improvements.

Prior to joining NCMS, Lisa was a senior director of Aerospace and Defense business development for digital enterprise software at a Fortune Global 100 ranked company. In this role, she represented the global Aerospace and Defense industry and was responsible for providing integrated product and application lifecycle management solutions, strategy and execution leadership. Prior to this, Lisa was a senior director for a Fortune 500 global security company where she provided leadership and strategic direction and execution for an affordable, enterprise-wide, integrated and common engineering environment. She also served as a senior director for manufacturing operations, where she grew and led a portfolio worth more than $1 billion in manufacturing sales for highly technical and complex products.