Fuat Koro


Creating the Audio First Approach to AR

[Thursday, June 27]
10:15 a.m.
Theme: Hatch Recital Hall Eastman School of Music

Personal Information

VP, Head of Corporate Strategy & Innovation
Bose Corporation

Bose AR is a new audio augmented reality technology platform that superimposes sound on top of the real world. The platform works by using a Bose AR-powered app running on an iOS or Android device along with a Bose AR-equipped wearable. (e.g. eyewear, headphones or other form factors) The wearable includes an IMU sensor to detect head-motion and head-direction which, when combined with the GPS on the phone, helps deliver new and unique experiences to the user.

Bose AR will enable a whole suite of new and exciting experiences in areas such as travel, learning, gaming, music, fitness, and more. By giving the user the ability to interact with this cloud content based on their physical location and with simple head-gestures, they can keep their phone in their pocket and be more engaged with the real world.

Bose encourages 3rd party development of Bose AR apps and experiences by being the comprehensive source of services and tools needed for Creators (including those with coding experience and those without (artists, businesses, and individuals) to incorporate Bose AR. Bose SDKs and Unity Plugin allow mobile applications to pair with the new generation of Bose wearables, including Bose Frames and Headphones. Using raw sensor data (accelerometer, gyroscope, & compass), developers can now create new experiences for users based on head movement and orientation.

Fuat leads Corporate Strategy & Innovation at Bose – a group focused on identifying, planning, and developing next-generation technologies and businesses. The group’s activities include Strategy, Insights, Technical Research, Internal and External Ventures. Prior to his Corporate role, Fuat held various positions across all Bose business units: For the Professional division, he led Global Sales & Marketing covering 82 countries. For the Consumer division, he led a product planning group responsible for roadmaps that shaped the company’s Bluetooth and Wave speaker systems. For the Automotive division, he was as product development manager for Japanese OEMs. Fuat also worked in management consulting. As a manager at Innosight, a boutique strategy firm founded by Clayton Christensen, he worked with executive teams in Fortune 500 companies to address their most critical issues in growth strategy, innovation capability, and business model design. Early in his career, Fuat worked in multiple R&D roles at Delphi and General Motors where he invented and developed new engine technologies to improve fuel economy. Fuat holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.B.A. – all from the University of Rochester.