Edgar Choueiri

Princeton University

State-of-the-Art Binaural Audio Tool

[Wednesday, June 26]
12:00 p.m.
Theme: Hatch Recital Hall Eastman School of Music

Personal Information

Princeton University

I will give a hands-on workshop on the latest tools for mixing and rendering binaural 3D audio for speakers and headphones for applications ranging from recording, mixing, and rendering to AR/VR. Using Theoretica’s industry-leading BACCH-dSP 8.0 application (https://www.theoretica.us/bacch-dsp/), I will demonstrate the design and use of optimized crosstalk cancellation filters for rendering binaural audio in true 3D over a pair of the regular stereo of monitors, as well as binaural audio rendering through headphones with enhanced head externalization of sound and head tracking. I will also demonstrate 3D mixing and binaural content creation using simple and complex trajectories in 3D space and generic and individualized HRTFs, as well as up-to-fourth-order HOA-to-binaural rendering and 3D sound-field navigation using a  20-speaker full dodecahedron virtual speaker system, individualized HRTFs, and a 4th order 32-capsule HOA mic.

Edgar Choueiri is a professor of Applied Physics at Princeton University where he is Director of two research laboratories: The Electric Prolusion and Plasma Dynamics Propulsion Laboratory (where he works on advanced electric rockets for deep space spacecraft), and the 3D Audio and Applied Acoustics (3D3A) where he works on spatial audio. He is the author of more than 250 scientific articles and publications and the recipient of numerous awards, including a knighthood. More detailed bio at https://mae.princeton.edu/people/faculty/choueiri