Phil Hilmes

Amazon Lab126

Audio with Alexa

[Thursday, June 27]
9:30 a.m.
Theme: Hatch Recital Hall Eastman School of Music

Personal Information

Director of Audio Technology
Amazon Lab126

Smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo with the Alexa voice assistant have delivered a new level of customer convenience for content consumption. And the technology that goes into these devices and resides in the cloud also enables new experiences. Developments in microphone arrays, beamforming, echo cancellation, machine learning, and more are just some of the technologies that provide the ability to better understand what a customer is asking and provide a better listening experience for audio and music. Looking forward, leveraging multiple devices with further deep learning awareness will take this even farther.

Phil Hilmes is Director of Audio Technology for Amazon Lab126, where he has been since 2012. He helped to create the first Alexa Echo device there and manages the team of scientists, software developers, and hardware developers delivering audio technologies for Amazon’s products including all Echos, tablets, Fire TVs, and more to enable far-field speech recognition, voice communication, playback, and audio event detection. Previously, he was the VP of Engineering and Cofounder of Audyssey Laboratories where he delivered room correction and audio enhancement technologies for consumer, professional, and automotive audio products. He has also held positions with DIRECTV delivering digital audio and communications solutions. He earned his BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and his graduate degree in Electrical Engineering, focused on signal processing and communications, from the University of Southern California. He is a member of IEEE and AES and holds numerous publications and patents to his credit.