MAJ Christian Lowry

United States Air Force

Human Native Form and Building Technology for the Warfighter

[Wednesday, June 26]
11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Theme: Location: Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center

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Human Native Form Theory: A Simplifying Theory for the Information Age

Join Major C. Christian Lowry, Chief of Strategic Innovation at Air University, in a  discussion on a new way to interact with technology; Human Native Form is a person-centric approach to technology.  For far too long we have adapted our lives around technology; the next technological revolution will change this by adapting technology to how we want to live. 

Human Native Form Theory posits that humans perceive the environment through senses and process the sense natively, producing useable information.  This bypasses the need to translate data into information through cognition. HNF presents information instead of data, which decreases cognitive load and increases available working memory while providing more information to the user; thus, allowing better-informed decisions and faster more decisive actions.