Kristana Textor

University of Rochester

Media Literacy: Evolving with Video Games & XR

[Thursday, June 27]
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Theme: Location: Sibley Square, 2nd Floor

Personal Information

Digital Media Studies Program Instructor

Media Literacy: Evolving with Video Games & XR

Join us for an interactive talk on the role of media literacy in our design, teaching, and learning practices. In this hour-long session, we will discuss how media literacy concepts of access, analysis, evaluation, creation, and action can be applied to our work in interactive media. Participants will share their own experiences and consider how to approach media literacy in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape. All are welcome.

Kristana Textor is an instructor in the Digital Media Studies Program at the University of Rochester. She has collaborated with NYC Public Schools, EYEBEAM, The Art & Music Library of the UR, RIT’s MAGIC Center, Frameless Labs, The Center for Learning in the Digital Age, The Strong Museum of Play, and Games for Curious Scholars on AR/VR/XR and video games initiatives.

A former 1980’s arcade kid, Textor spent summers trying to set high scores on her favorite cabinets in Okoboji, IA, including Burger Time, Shinobi, Tapper, 1943, Tetris, and Operation Wolf. She turned her love of video games into doctoral study at the Warner School of Education, where she investigates the intersection of engagement, learning, video games, and emergent interactive technologies. Expanding research and teaching interests include design thinking, innovation, motivation, multimodality, informal learning, AR/VR/MR/XR, and esports.

Textor came to academia after nearly two decades working as a Director of Photography in non-fiction television, and strongly advocates for media literacy and teaching the craft of storytelling through video. She believes that critical thinking skills are crucial to developing mindful creators in today’s digital world. Drawn to Rochester by the potential for community surrounding video games research and scholarship, she is invested in the future of the region. She enjoys cycling, getting out in the snow, and walking her feisty dog in the South Wedge.