Kevin McComber

Spark Photonics

AIM Photonics Academy and Spark Photonics

[Wednesday, June 26]
11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Theme: Location: Sibley Square, 2nd Floor

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AIM Photonics Academy is the education, workforce development, and roadmap interface for AIM Photonics, and the Academy has recently spun out a photonic circuit design services firm called Spark Photonics to serve the AIM community. This talk will give an introduction to both AIM Photonics Academy and Spark Photonics, and will provide highlights of ongoing initiatives.

Kevin McComber is the CEO of Spark Photonics, a photonic circuit design firm spun out of AIM Photonics, and he is also the outgoing Assistant Director of AIM Academy, the education and workforce development branch of AIM Photonics. Kevin earned his bachelor’s and PhD in materials science and engineering from MIT, and he has worked in industry as a process engineer at Intel Corporation and as a management consultant.