Light and Sound Interactive 2019

June 25-27, 2019 in downtown Rochester, NY


Join us for our Light and Sound Interactive 2019

Where we will again discover cutting edge light and sound-based technologies in the emerging fields of VR/ AR, Cinema, Music, Gaming and Interactive Media, Optic and Photonics. The dates are June 25-27, 2019 in downtown Rochester, NY.

What You Can Expect

Over the course of three days, you will dive into sessions with impressive and renowned speakers, experience cutting-edge product demos, world-class keynote style talks and meet-ups with new and like-minded enthusiasts and/or investors.
In between all that you will enjoy food, drink, and music at The Rochester International Jazz Festival. Stay tuned as we tighten up our programs. Check back for special announcements!


Featuring events that leverage the technology of VR/AR to create Immersive experiences and innovative applications. Art, technology, gaming. Live performance and social interaction.


The gaming industry showcasing national and regional game developers, the “indie scene”, industry and investors. Have access to international companies and more!


Sound and music in media ranging from Cinema to games. Evolving interactive media and immersive audio recording, reproduction and perception and emerging sonic-visual experiences.


Powerful novel imaging and display technologies across a wide range of applications sciences and arts. New technologies in LED / OLED lighting, AR/VR, cinema and portable display devices.

We would like to hear from you if you are interested in attending, presenting, demoing a product, or have knowledge about a company that fits the above